Nightcliff Tigers take out both Div. 1 and Div. 2 Pennant Finals

by Admin on 09/23/2022

Sun Sept 18th:

The Northern Territory Pennant Finals saw The Nightcliff Tigers face off with the Darwin Buffaloes at the Nightcliff Bowls Club last weekend with the Tigers showing strong form on the day to take out both finals.

This was a big turnaround for NT Bowls as the Buffaloes have won 5 pennants in a row leading up to this final.

In Div 1, There was an even start by all rinks but Nightcliff soon began to build a growing lead across two rinks and outplayed the Buffaloes. Mark Malogorski and Dennis Sloane’s teams took full advantage of the home ground and gave away few opportunities.

Malogorski defeated Peter Wibberley’s team 27 shots to 13. Sloane beat Colleen Orr’s team 28 shots to 12.

Daniel Baker’s team was a shining light for the Buffaloes but was unable to make up for the losses on the other two rinks, beating Scott Hollingworth’s team 28 shots to 15.

Division 2 saw a much closer fight between Nightcliff White and the Darwin Salties, with each team taking out one rink each. Eventually the Tigers proved too strong overall with Jillian Tiller’s rink putting in a top performance to win the big board and day for the Tigers despite a fightback from the Salties.

Congratulations to the Nightcliff teams and the Club for a great performance for 2022. Also congratulations to both the the Darwin Buffs and Salties for finishing the home and away season on top.

2022 Division 2 Champions, Nightcliff White. From left: Jillian Tiller, Louise Hicks, Antonia Lai, Helen Marris, Elice Crisp, Lee Farrell, Catherine Farrell, & Rowan Hollingworth.
2022Division One Champions. from left: Jock Hicks, David Cox, Stanley Cox, Dominic Sloane, Dennis Sloane, Adam Hollingworth, Anthony Mason, Chris Buchholz, Mark Malogorski, Buster Quinlan, & Tony Sullivan.