Policies and Procedures

The following information relates to Bowls NT’s corporate governance framework.

Within the sport of Bowls, there is a policy and procedure hierarchy that sets out the documentation that defines and governs the sport, the organisations affiliated, and the people involved.  This hierarchy is as follows: Bowls Australia, State and Territory Associations (ie Bowls NT), Associations and Clubs.

In many cases, policies and procedures of the “higher” organisation will apply to all groups that fall under that organisation.

For clubs seeking assistance on policy creation, please contact Bowls NT.


The National Sports Integrity and National Sports Tribunal policies have been approved by Bowls Australia and apply to all levels of the sport – National, State, Association and Club.

For additional understanding, tools and resources, Clubs and members are encouraged to look at Club Support: Sports Integrity and Managing Complaints

National Sports Integrity

These policies should be read in conjunction with the Bowls Australia National Integrity Framework document.

National Sports Tribunal

Bowls NT Foundation Documents



Competition and Safe Sport