2023 NT Representative Side – Played at Sorento, WA.

NT Men’s Open Side:

Trystan Smallacombe. (S) Jason Smith. Ian Smith. Ben Trainor.

Daniel Baker (S) Mark Diamond. Alex Brennan. Anthony Sullivan.

Scott Hollingworth (S). Greg Wetzler. Adam Hollingworth. Stanley Cox.

Reserves: Jonard Galicinao. Mark Hall.

Coach: Lee Farrell

Barry Orr replaced in selected side by Anthony Sullivan.

Manager: Malcolm Trattles

NT Ladies Open Side:

Elisa Rigoni. (S) Elice Crisp. Catherine Farrell. Sez James.

Bronwyn Hagger. (S) Karen Lane. Lynne Hayhow. Tania Humphris.

Siobhan Tootell. (S) Anita Rhook. Antonia Lai. Helen Marris

Reserves : Debra Vallance.

Coach: Elisa Rigoni

Colleen Orr replaced in selected side by Bronwyn Hagger.

2022 NT Representative Team – Played at Broadbeach, QLD

2019 NT Representative Team – Played at Ettalong, NSW

2018 NT Senior Sides Representative Team

The National Sides Championship were held in April 2019 at
Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club, on NSW’s Central Coast.

Competition for places in the side was very strong. The following players were selected to represent the Northern Territory:

Skip:   Trystan Smallacombe Skip:   Colleen Orr
3rd:    Mark Malogorski 3rd:    Siobhan Tootell
2nd:    Ian Smith 2nd:    Jen Sullivan
Lead:  Dimitri Hnaris Lead:   Lisa Hambour
Skip:   Jason Wholohan Skip:    Jenny Redshaw
3rd:    Ben Trainor 3rd:     Anita Rhook
2nd:   Pete deGreenlaw 2nd:    Elice Crisp
Lead:  Barry Orr Lead:  Narelle Trimble
Skip:   Alan Maher Skip:   Bronwyn Chandler
3rd:    John Meneguzzi 3rd:    Lauren Kingsley
2nd:   Ethan Maher 2nd:   Lynne Hayhow
Lead:  John McCallion Lead:  Helen Marris

2018 Under 18’s NT State Represenative Team
Training for the NT Under 18 Squad is held at the Darwin Bowls Club every Monday night starting at 5.00pm.
New and experienced players are welcome to join in to have some fun,  learn the fundamentals and skills of the game, and to try out for the representative team.
Coach: Pete deGreenlaw contact: 0414 099 064

2018 NT State Representative Side