The 2023 NT State Teams have been announced.

by Admin on 08/09/2023

Congratulations to all players selected to represent the Northern Territory at the Australian Sides Championships to be hosted by the Sorrento Bowling Club, Perth, WA and the Joondalup Bowls Club, Perth, WA in October this year.

The teams are as follows:

NT Men’s Open Side:

Trystan Smallacombe. (S) Jason Smith. Ian Smith. Ben Trainor.

Daniel Baker (S) Mark Diamond. Barry Orr. Alex Brennan.

Scott Hollingworth (S). Greg Wetzler. Adam Hollingworth. Stanley Cox.

Reserves: Jonard Galicinao. Mark Hall.

Coach: Lee Farrell

Manager: Malcolm Trattles

NT Ladies Open Side:

Elisa Rigoni. (S) Elice Crisp. Catherine Farrell. Sez James.

Colleen Orr. (S) Karen Lane. Lynne Hayhow. Tania Humphris.

Siobhan Tootell. (S) Anita Rhook. Antonia Lai. Helen Marris

Reserves : Debra Vallance.

Coach: Elisa Rigoni

Manager: Joan Garner

NT Senior Men’s Side:

Chris Buchholz (S) Bruce Fyfe. Wayne Hayhow. Allen Walsh

Anthony Quinlan. (S) Malcolm Trattles. Mick Hewett. John Colwill

Jock Hicks (S). Lee Farrell. Alan Vallance. Anthony Sullivan

Reserves: John Lillywhite. Gregory Dempster

Coach: Lee Farrell

Manager: Barry Orr

NT  Seniors Ladies  Side:

Bronwyn Hagger (S). Sonia Martyn. Luda Hughes. Shirley Campbell

Jill Tiller (S). Joan Garner. Isabel Muir. Helen Marris.

Deb Vallance (S), Louie Hicks. Sheree Dempsey. Doreen O’Hara

Reserves: Kathlyn Qu Noy. Yvonne Driscoll. Joan Barton.

Coach : Colleen Orr

Manager : Catherine Farrell