Darwin Buffaloes and Darwin Storm finish off strong seasons to win the Div 1 and Div 2 Pennant finals.

by Admin on 09/27/2023

Darwin Bowls and Social Club finished off a stellar season with Darwin Buffaloes finishing the season as minor premiers undefeated and going into the final with confidence against Tracy Village Dragons on Saturday. The final played under the dome at Darwin Bowls and Social Club was as expected a very loud event with Tracy Village very vocal and competitive in the early stages of the game. It wasn’t until the 7th or 8th end on each rink that Darwin began to exert their dominance on two rinks and drew away on the big board to a convincing win 71 to 47 shots.

See all the results below for a detailed breakdown.

In Div 2, minor premiers Darwin Salties faced up to Darwin Storm in a match that went neck and neck throughout. After the final end, Darwin Storm won through by winning one rink by four shots and a draw on one rink. The final score being Storm: 38 shots. Salties 34 shots.

Darwin Storm had to fight to make the final after defeating Nightcliff White in a nail biter the previous week which went to 2 golden ends after scores were level at the completion of 42 ends. The first Golden end saw Darwin Storm and Nightcliff White win one end each by 1 shot, forcing a further end which saw Storm win by 4 shots to make the final.