History of NT State Senior Sides

by Admin on 09/16/2019

Northern Territory Senior (Over 60’s) sides Men and Ladies

With the forthcoming Australian over 60 side’s series approaching in October 2019, I have researched the history of the NT over 6o’s sides from the beginning in 2010.

The first NT Over 60 side as written by Alan White;

The first time the NT played in the Over 60’s was in 2010 at the Manning Bowling Club WA.

The players from the NT in 2010 were:- Ian Belsham, Roger Hamill, Jim Duncan (dec), Tom Hamilton, Emanuele Tausinga and myself.

The players from WA in 2010 who played for the NT were:- Colin Fleay, Jim McElroy, Glynn Vaughan, Geoff Gunning (dec), Brian Jepperson and Rance Dewson.

In 2010 we had two wins – against Tasmania 56-52 and against ACT 72-46.

By beating the ACT, we won the inaugural Senior Territory Shield designed by ourselves and presented to ourselves on the final day of the competition.

In 2010, Tom Hamilton was voted most valuable player.

From the 2013 series, the team finally consisted of all players from the Northern Territory. The assistance of those Western Australian players from 2010-2012 was very much appreciated and allowed the NT to field a side during those early years.

In 2015, the NT Ladies team entered the competition and has had to use players from the host State in 2015 and 2018. In 2019 we again have a Ladies NT registered player’s side.

The statitiscs of games played by each player is listed as a link.

CLICK HERE to see the Statistics of games played.

I have included below the top eleven games by Men up to 2018:  Chris Parsonson 63 games ; Lee Farrell 53 ; Stan Smolski 47 ;Roger Hamill 46;John Lillywhite 32; Mal Trattles 32;  *Jim Duncan 30; Ian Belsham 30 ;*Geoff Gunning WA  30 ;Brian Jefferson WA 30; Jim McIlroy 30 WA.

  • Indicates Deceased.

The MVP awards are as follows: 2010 Tom Hamilton; 2011 Jim Duncan; 2012 & 2013 Lee Farrell; 2014 Chris Parsonson; 2015 & 2016 Lee Farrell; 2017 Ralph Fair; 2018 Chris Parsonson.

Ladies : I have included the top games by Ladies  as follows; Joan Garner 32, Jill Tiller 32; Letty Parsonson 32; Pat Hogan 24 Carolyn Smolski 24.

The MVP awards are as follows: 2015 Joan Garner; 2016 Carolyn Smolski; 2017 Joan Garner; 2018 Pat Hogan.

In the future all team photos will be placed on Bowls NT website to ensure the history of the Over 60’s Bowls in the NT is recorded.