by Admin on 03/14/2019

Bowls Australia’s (BA) Board has signalled an impending change to the national Artificial Devices Policy, pertaining specifically to the use of bowlers arms.

The revised Artificial Devices Policy, which will come into effect from May 1, 2019, has removed the existing stipulation that players need to have received approval from the State/Territory Association to use a bowlers arm, and also removes the need for a medical certificate to use a bowlers arm.

The changes to the policy come after extensive consultation and feedback from key stakeholders.

It is envisaged that the leniency will result in greater opportunity for persons with physical restrictions and impairments to continue playing the sport, and is in line with the policies of other national bodies.

Further to the changes, Bowls Australia wishes to clarify the procedure to request replacement National Merchandising Program (NMP) logo stickers for approved bowlers’ arms

In the event that an approved bowlers’ arm’s existing National Merchandising Program (NMP) logo sticker has come off due to wear and tear over time, Bowls Australia may be contacted to request a replacement sticker be posted out, to then affix to the arm.

Players will need to provide details of their arm (ideally a photo) so that BA can confirm that the device is indeed an approved bowlers arm, which can be done by post or email to

Any queries relating to these changes to the policy can be raised with BA’s Tony Sherwill or Bronwyn White on 03 9480 7100 or

Article courtesy of Bowls Australia and Aiden Davis