Laws of the Sport now available on iPhone and iPad

by admin on 04/01/2016

You’ll never have to fumble around looking for a law book ever again, because it’s now available on your iPhone.

Bowls Australia have released the laws of the sport on iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod.

In an effort to ensure participants have easy access to the laws of the sport right at their figure tips, Bowls Australia have released the laws on the Apple App Store for anyone with an iPhone, iPad and iPod.

No more fumbling around looking for your laws book, as it’s now all in one neat little app.

The official laws app, called Bowls Rules, offers the complete package, covering every law that is required to play the game of bowls, including the Domestic Regulations for Australia and web-links to Bowls Australia policies.

The search functionality enables easy access to the appropriate law within seconds, via words or terms, and you can also favourite laws that you commonly refer to for even quicker access.

There’s also definitions of all bowls terms used in the laws to ensure clarity for all players, and handy text increase/decrease buttons to help with legibility.

The Bowls Rules App is available from the Apple App Store for $4.49.

Click here to view the Bowls Rules in iTunes, or simply search for Bowls Rules or Bowls Australia in the App Store.